The DIRT on Air Travel

The DIRT on Air Travel!

Yes, I am a germaphobe! Everything you touch, sit on, eat on, sleep on or rest your head on is covered with germs. 

 You're ready to travel to your vacation spot and you've boarded the plane.  The truth is you're walking into a bacterial filled environment and your chances of getting sick on vacation are extremely high. 

So how do you protect yourself when you fly and not end up getting sick and ruining your entire vacation?

The answer is simple: PROTECT YOURSELF

1) Use alcohol wipes to wipe down the tray-table, armrests, seatbelt and around the window area (especially if it's a long haul and you're going to use the window wall to rest your head on). 

2) If you have to use the bathroom, close the toilet lid before you flush. Use your anti-bacterial wipes to turn on and off the faucets and for the door latch when leaving. Spend as little time as possible in the bathroom. When you return to your seat, use sanitizer on your hands and on all exposed areas of your skin. 

3) Do not touch and do not use the seat pocket. We know what people use the seat pockets for: used tissues, dirty napkins, soiled diapers, half-eaten snacks, dirty socks, earPods, and sometimes magazines or safety instructions handled by previous flyers. 

4) Don't forget to pack your Sonder (Roam) Travel Seat Cover as it will offer another protective layer between the actual seat surface and yourself. It’s super lightweight and made of bamboo cotton which is also a naturally antibacterial and breathable material. It’s easy to use, extremely soft and just makes any journey so much more safer and comfortable! 

Protect yourself from germs on airplanes. Remember they are on every surface that you touch including the seat upholstery.  

With the right attitude, your SONDER travel seat cover and with your anti-bacterial wipes, you can better protect yourself before you fly!