About Us

Travel more comfortably, more germ-free, more securely with our eco-friendly Sonder travel accessories. 

We’ve got you covered -- literally -- with the only thing you need to travel with a bit more peace of mind. 

Our personal fitted lightweight airplane seat covers help you stay clean, stay safe, stay connected.  This is the new way to Travel!

Each seat cover wraps around your (germ-filled) airplane seat and headrest providing a barrier between you and your seat.  Each seat cover also comes with a handy pocket pouch to store your belongings hygienically and securely when you're on the go.  While it may not protect you from all germs, it will definitely make you feel more comfortable and safer.  It comes in a minimalist solution pack that every traveller needs today. 

Not only that, but these safe and sustainable quality travel seat covers with pouch are completely eco-friendly. The material is made from the softest, sustainable and naturally anti-bacterial bamboo cotton fabric.

We know that we need to change how we travel. So that’s exactly what we’ve done for you.