Welcome to Sonder.

How did we get here?

Well, when the world was closed we were dreaming about travel. And we knew that when flights reopened we would be worrying about how safe it would be to fly. 

We asked ourselves: would we be willing to jump on a flight? Would travel be different? How could we feel safer, cleaner, more protected if we were on a plane?

And so we developed something that gave us what we needed: to feel safer, cleaner and more protected, we created the Roam seat by Sonder. 

We knew that we would need something to cover our faces (masks) and something to cover our seat (the Roam by Sonder).

We began the process of creating the perfect product. An actual economy seat was purchased and installed in our living room (it looks great!). Then we worked on creating a soft, lightweight, fitted travel seat cover. Something that would safeguard us and our belongings (with the nifty pouch that doubles as a pocket for personal items). Something that everyone needs always, but in these times especially.

And that’s not all. It was important that we used the best materials for our covers. That’s why, after a bit of experimenting, we found a great eco-friendly bamboo cotton that’s soft, washable and oh, so comfy. 

So when we say that we’ve got you covered -- we have. Literally.

Stay clean, stay safe, stay connected with Sonder.  This is the new way to Travel!